Full Stack Software Engineer

Hi! I am Antonio Martin Romero and I work as a full stack software engineer at idXtra

My toolbox includes Python, Django, Javascript, Ionic, AngularJS, PyQT, Unix, Bash and Go.. As a full stack software engineer, I have to administer DBs (PostgreSQL) and Linux servers, monitoring the services and do a lot of back-end code, which it takes up more than the 90% of my time, although I also have to do a little bit of front-end.

My favourite programming language is Python, which I have been using since 2010 to make web apps alongside Django, desktop applications with PyQT and many scripts. I have done REST APIs using django-rest-framework and consumed all kind of APIs like REST, SOAP and WCF on different operating systems and even using the comtype library to use DLL which talks with WCF APIs from Python.

I love open source. All tools I use are open source and I would like to contribute to some libraries in the future. Of course, I like to publish some personal projects in Github and help people on Freenode under the nickname of Browser. I started using Linux SUSE almost 10 years ago but I switched to Ubuntu at the university.

Apart from computers, I have other hobbies like playing football and running. I run seven days a week, doing nearly 100 miles a week, and I have a personal best in marathon of 2h25'.


Full Stack Software Developer at idXtra LTD. March 2013 - Present
Software Engineer at Evidence Health APP. March 2012 - Present
Software Developer at CASPE. Sep 2011 - August 2012
Software Developer at FUECA. Jan 2010 - May 2011


  • London Django Group - London - March 2013
  • London Django Group - London - June 2013
  • EuroPython 2013 - Florence - July 2013
  • PyConES 2013 - Madrid - November 2013
  • EuroPython 2014 - Berlin - July 2014
  • PyConES 2015? - Valencia - November 2015
  • Django London Meetup - London - September 2018
  • London Django Group - London - November 2018